Chernobyl Children’s Life Line is an organization, founded in 1991 that aims to improve the health of children affected by the Chornobyl disaster. Their main goals are listed below:

  • To bring child victims of the Chernobyl disaster to the UK for recuperative breaks of four weeks – over 46,000 have been brought over to stay with host families since we started in 1992.
  • To provide on-going supplies of multi-vitamins and basic healthcare products to the children on their return (thousands of tonnes in the last 9 years).
  • To work with our Belarusian partners in Minsk and Gomel, to locate children who are in need of recuperative care from outlying villages.
  • To help children too sick to travel by providing chemotherapy medicines to Children’s Cancer Hospitals in Minsk, Gomel and other regions.
  • Support with medicines and equipment: No. l Baby Home in Minsk, and many other orphanages.
  • When needed, bring children to the UK for long term medical care and education.
  • Support Kobrin children’s village.
  • Lapitchi village project (see projects).

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Formed in 2002 in response to the report “The Human Consequences of the Chornobyl Nuclear Accident. A Strategy for Recovery”, initiated by the UN Agencies, Chornobyl Recovery and Development Programme works to influence policy in the areas affected by the Chornobyl disaster. The excerpt below is taken from their website.

“The goal of CRDP’s activities is to support the efforts of the Government of Ukraine to mitigate long-term social, economic and ecological consequences of the Chornobyl catastrophe, to create more favorable living conditions and promote sustainable human development in Chornobyl affected regions. Due to the partnerships with international organizations, oblast and rayon state administrations, village councils, scientific institutions, non-governmental organizations and private businesses, CRDP supports community organizations in the implementation of their initiatives on economic, social development and environmental recovery as well as promotes information distribution about the Chornobyl catastrophe within Ukraine as well as internationally.”

Check out their website for ways to get involved.

Founded in 1991 Chernobyl Children’s Project International has raised over 85 million Euro for children affected by the disaster. The organization operates assistance programs in the following areas:

  • Medical Programme
  • Rest & Recuperation
  • ‘Aid Direct’
  • Sustainable / Building
  • Cardiac Programme
  • De-institutionalisation
  • ‘Homes of Hope’
  • Hospice and Community

“CCPI aims to restore hope to the people of the Chernobyl-affected region. We continue to deliver relevant projects and programmes by maintaining strong links with many international and Belarusian agencies and organisations and by then adapting and changing the work that we do according to the changing needs of the children, the adults and the communities we work with. This process of ongoing communication informs all of the work we do and allows us to closely monitor and evaluate our programme and project delivery.”

Also, visit their US-based website for local ways to get involved.

Another organization that began work in 1991 is the American Belarussian Relief Organization. First started when members of the Connecticut River Valley Fellowship, of South Windsor, Connecticut, helped provide 13 children and two adults from Belarus the chance to recuperate and receive medial treatment away from their contaminated homeland.

“Our Mission – There is a red line against which all activities of the American Belarussian Relief Organization are measured: that all children living in areas contaminated with radiation from the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant accident are assisted in finding a quality of life and hope in the future.

It seeks to do so in the following ways:

  • by providing clean food, rest and sanctuary in radiation free environments.
  • by offering medical evaluation and treatment as needed.
  • by recognizing and nurturing the spirit of those it seeks to assist.

See the organizations website for information on donating and other news.