by Cindy Marie Jenkins

For six years Voices From Chornobyl has engulfed me.

I finally got over people asking if I’m Ukrainian or Russian or something. Because why else would I care about Chernobyl?

I tinkered for three years on the scripts, often throwing entire drafts away before landing on these two texts we use now.

I flew out to Manchester England and gave a key note speech urging the Chernobyl charities to use our video and play as a vehicle to raise money and awareness for their work.

Now, we line up new venues and ideas for April 2011 Awareness Events daily, in Los Angeles and the UK. With every step that takes us forward, we discover five additional steps in order to get there.

We make a lot of lists.

I know it’s going to be totally worth it. I’ve done awareness events before the 25th anniversary, and learned the following:

1. My ensemble is always awesome.

2. The play always affects people.

3. They always leave asking questions.

4. A non-traditional theater space is always better.

5. Marketing marketing marketing.

So here we are, planning for the 25th anniversary events, hearing from new collaborators every day. Everyone brings specifics talents to the team and we all keep the goal in sight:

because in the end it's about kids like Edik