It’s already December. Eek.

I know I’m not alone in the “where has the year gone?” question that has most certainly become redundant due to overuse. It’s been a very fast last half of the year, especially with this project. Our team has been working hard doing outreach to more charities and finding more collaborators to do Anniversary Readings in the UK and other locations in the United States.

In addition to the Anniversary Readings in April, we are in the process of adapting the script to a children’s education piece. Cindy and I are working on writing and developing this so that we can take it to the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

There is just so much going on. We need to start raising money, and raising awareness. We will be doing a kickstarter campaign shortly, which should hopefully provide us enough funding to get underway.

That’ s what we’ve been doing, well a part of it anyway.