This is the final part of the series! Carolyn was kind enough to compile this list for us, and we’ve to link what’s available for purchase on Amazon for your conveinance. If you missed it: part 1, part 2, part 3.

15) Nuclear accidents by Mark Mayell.

16) The Chernobyl nuclear disaster (Great Disasters: Reforms and Ramifications) byKristine Brennan.

17) Chernobyl : the ongoing story of the world’s deadliest nuclear disaster by Glenn Alan Cheney.

18) Failed technology : true stories of technological disasters by Fran Locher Freiman & Neil Schlager.

19) Chernobyl Murders by Michael Beres. Historical Fiction

20) Wormwood forest : a natural history of Chernobyl by Mary Mycio.

21) The Chernobyl Disaster (Days That Shook the World) by Paul Doswell

Product Description off Amazon
“ As well as giving a dramatic moment-by-moment account of the explosion, it also explains the lead up to how it could take place by looking at Soviet Russia’s history. It then goes on to explain the impact this explosion had on the nuclear industry, the environment and how it contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. Moment-in-time boxes, describing eye- witness accounts, give a sense of drama and immediacy to the book.”

22) Chernobyl: The Forbidden Truth by Alla Yaroshinskaya

From Library Journal:
“This is a shocking yet fascinating personal account of the events surrounding the
Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the Ukraine. Investigating the incident while working as a journalist, Yaroshinskaya struggled to publish her findings, which exposed the Soviet government’s lack of action in relocating citizens to uncontaminated areas or providing “clean” food and milk. ”

23) Chernobyl: Insight from the Inside by V. M. Chernousenko