In an interview the other  night, Cindy and I were asked how it was  decided to make Voices From Chornobyl into a kid’s script. I was personally surprised that neither one of us has written about how the kids script came into being here. Then again, we have been so busy working on getting everything else done (like the script) that telling the story of how this all came about slipped through the cracks. So here is the abbreviated version of that story.

I am completely convinced that Cindy had previously thought about making Voices From Chornobyl an young adults education piece. Cindy has always wanted to expand the reach of awareness, and touching a generation that grew up without any knowledge of the disaster seemed like a natural extension. It was in one of our many email exchanges or gtalk sessions that I strongly suggested that we should do this as a kids show and take it to the Hollywood Fringe Festival since they are having seperate kids-friendly programming for the first itme this year.

Cindy jumped at the chance to rework the script, and here we are about to wrap up the second draft of the script. Hopefully we will be doing a small reading with our cast and team in the next few weeks so Cindy can rework it again.  Rewriting is most of the work of writing it seems.