We at VFC are very excited to announce Enrichment Works as our non-profit sponsor, in this role they will serve as our financial umbrella. We are thrilled about this partnership not only because it means we can begin our fundraising efforts in full (more on that to come!) but also because we are given the opportunity to promote this amazing organization.

Founded in 1999, Enrichment Works was created to address what Abraham Tetenbaum saw as a fundamental deficit in Arts Education in LA public schools. He was motivated by a desire to create “theater to inspire learning”. Today Enrichment Works has expanded to work with not just schools but libraries and community organizations to bring educational theatre pieces to Los Angeles youth. Since their inception, Enrichment Works has produced over 50 plays and musicals.

Please check out Enrichment Works and see what they are up to. And check back in February when we will be interviewing founder Abraham Tetenbaum!

Website: http://www.enrichmentworks.org/