More in our team interview series – Meet Carolyn Blais one of our amazingly helpful volunteers!


Jane Whitty: Can you tell us a little bit about your background in the arts and advocacy?

Carolyn Blais: I’ve been involved in the arts, specifically theatre arts since childhood. I was very active in middle school and high school drama club, majored in Theatre in college and worked for a Children’s Theatre Company for two years after college. Since moving to LA, I’ve volunteered with a few different theatres.

JW: How did you first get involved with Voices From Chornobyl?

CB: I met Cindy at The Antaeus Company in North Hollywood and through her, have become involved with VFC since about Oct of 2010.

JW: Before getting involved in this project how educated were you regarding Chornobyl?

CB: Not much at all. I knew it was a nuclear disaster and that was about it. I’m not sure I even knew where Chornobyl was.

JW: How would you describe your current role in the team? What areas of the project are you working on?

CB: Being new to the team I just try to help where needed. Right now I’m researching grants.

JW: Voices From Chornobyl is a multifaceted project. What is the one element you are most excited to see realized?

CB: I’m interested in spreading the VFC story to children and getting them involved and making them aware of what happened. Maybe if we can educate young people, they can take a stand against anything similar ever happening in the future.

JW: In your involvement so far what is the one thing you have learned about Chornobyl that you think more people should be aware of?

CB: Just of its devastating effects that are still present today. It’s terrifying but sometimes fear can spur us to action, to help prevent future accidents.