Now that we have begun fund-raising in earnest we will be posting periodical thank-you’s to the amazing individuals and businesses who support us. This week we want to highlight Kelly Banusiewicz of Beans Boutique. Not only has she contributed financially, Kelly is also donating beautiful handmade bookmarks as select donor gifts – we have a limited supply so get them while they last!

I could go on but I think Kelly sums up her reasons for supporting us best:

I am so excited to help out in my own way with the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl.  I did not know anything about Chernobyl until [Cindy] started working on her first adaptation of Voices From Chornobyl, 5 years ago.  I am inspired and personally touched when a tragic situation is addressed in a creative way through use of theater, music and art. It is so common to see that such and such disaster or this disease is taking place and although it is news, people are urged to send money and make donations, just for the sake of helping others.  It is difficult to pick and choose what charities to donate to and what organizations to affiliate with, both as an individual and as a businesswoman, in this economy. I would love to give to everyone, but it is not economically feasible.  What you have done with your adaptation, and your work with children’s charities of Chernobyl is truly inspiring. I love that you are doing something creative, to educate and open people up to the aftereffects of this tragic occurrence. Along with my personal monetary donation,  I have sent 10 bookmarks to use as you please and will have 10 listed on my website, which $5 of each bookmark sold will go to the children’s production this summer.

Go to the Beans Boutique store to check out the bookmarks Kelly is selling to benefit VFC and to see all her other beautiful jewelry and crafts. They will be ready as of Monday, February 28th.