Our April 3rd fundraiser is fast approaching and as we gear up we would like to take the time to call out and thank all the amazing organizations and businesses donating their time and services during the event to help raise awareness.

First up is Peter Bedard with Create Your Health – expect more in the days leading up to the event!


What did you know about Chernobyl before becoming involved in this project?

I certainly haven’t been an expert on Chernobyl. In fact other than being aware that it was, at the time, the largest nuclear disaster in the world, larger than the Three Mile Island disaster in New York, my knowledge is pretty limited. I do know that an entire city had to be closed down and all of it’s inhabitants moved due to a nuclear accident at the plant, that the plant was shut down, that radiation levels there some 20 years latter are still problematic, that birth defects in that part of the world are too common, and that it never should have happened.



Can you tell us a little bit about why you chose to donate services to this project?

I chose to donate my time and services for a few reasons. First because the fantastic Thea Pueschel asked me to. Second because I’ve never been a supporter of nuclear energy. And third, because I think it’s important to let people know that nuclear energy is never safe. Advertising agencies and politicians have been telling us for several years now that nuclear energy is safe and efficient that it’s a “clean” energy. This is a flat out lie and it needs to be addressed. In fact, nuclear energy may be the dirtiest energy we have ever harnessed. The bi-product of coal is carbon dioxide and coal ash. The bi-product of nuclear energy is radioactive material that at it’s core is deadly to all life forms on this planet and that poisons our environment for thousands of years to come. for some reason people seem to understand that coal is bad for us but they don’t seem to understand that nuclear energy is a million times worse. As a advocate for alternative therapies it is totally congruent that I support not only true green energy solutions but that I also speak out against harmful and polluting behaviors – personal or political.