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April 2, 2011

Supporter Spotlight: Thea Pueschel, Hypnotiq Solutions

Thea received a Spotlight last month because of her generous donations to our March 3rd fund-raiser, and after reading this entry about our fund-raiser tomorrow, you will see why. Along with Cat from Santosha Space, Thea is the generous host and organizer of the event. We thank her beyond all words.

You were involved in the 55 Degree Wine Fundraiser – What made you want to continuing your involvement and organize an additional fundraiser?

After speaking to different members of the VFC team as well as the informative part of the fundraiser at 55 degrees, I thought that I could help in a larger way. I know Cindy through various Atwater Village events and organizations and have seen her in action through past events and community awareness. I admire her active involvement in the community. When I went to venture out and officially launch Hypnotiq Solutions I talked to various business owners in Atwater Village and through my experience of doing so I learned how active the members of the community are. It is my desire to support local businesses, non-profits/charities, and the general neighborhood. I think Atwater Village is a great place, with active residents and a growing business sector.

Read Thea's Blog on The Art of Living Worry Free

I feel very strongly about helping bring a voice to those who are under represented in the media or are marginalized. That’s one of the reasons I taught filmmaking to senior citizens at Echo Park Film Center for 3 years, assisted Gina Rivas with her fundraiser for Lotus Light Arts (a program that brings yoga and art to young women who are products of the system to help build self esteem) and currently volunteer with 826LA in Echo Park/Venice teaching and assisting in children’s writing workshops. I am excited about the possibilities of Voices From Chornobyl with the outreach to both adults and children regarding this horrific event, the ability to raise awareness through theatre and entertainment. And let us not forget about raising funds for the Children of Chernobyl.

Can you talk a little about the process of pulling together the different practitioners who will be participating in this weekend’s events?
Back in February I created/facilitated “Untying Valentine’s Knots” a relaxation event it was held at Brazilian Yoga and Pilates (Liz McDonald, the owner, is a generous and an awesome person) on Casitas*. The event was free for the I contacted three of my friends and was able to get it going through their loving support, donation of time and energy.  Adriana Franco, C.Ht./Reiki Practitioner donated full body Reiki, Erin Hoopes, LMT provided chair massages, Paola Cresti of The Chocolatery (you may know her from the AV farmers market) donated handcrafted chocolates, and I provided relaxation hypnosis. So you may be asking what this event has to do with the VFC current event? Well… Cat Macary, LMT and co-owner of Santosha Space attended. She was impressed with the loving care we put into the event and said that in the future if I was ever doing an event she would be interested in providing massage, and that perhaps we could do something like that at her place… So, when I spoke to Cindy on March 3 at the first event I knew I could get a location.

I contacted 9 people, of which 6 people said yes. The beauty of the healing arts community is that many of the practitioners feel very passionate about the environment and health, as well as giving back to the community. The three that said “no”, did so due to schedule restraints. I thought of people I admire and enjoy working with. I also wanted to provide the community with various modalities to choose from.

Santosha Space in Atwater Village

I approached Cat first regarding the event and she was more than happy to participate and provide a space for Global Healing. I then contacted my dear friend Adriana Franco and asked if she would be willing to do full body Reiki, when I told her for what purpose she was more than eager to supply the support (we have done countless events together and make a good team).

The third person I contacted was Peter Bedard, M.A., and C.Ht. for relaxation hypnosis. I know him from his alternative medicine mixers and his web portal I have had the pleasure of participating in his mixers 3x as a practitioner. He is always holding events that focus on other practitioners and I thought that it would be great to provide him with a venue to share his talents in hypnotherapy. Back in January I did a Create Your Health Mixer with Virginia Applen. I didn’t get a chance to try her magnetic healing. You know how sometimes you meet someone, and just in the first hello you can tell that you will like him or her? Well, that is how I felt. So, when I was thinking of practitioners she popped into my mind. And when she received my e-mail it probably seemed a bit strange because I told her that I really didn’t know anything about her modality, but thought that she would be a nice addition to the group just based on that initial chemistry.

I then, realized I had not opened up the invitation to practitioners at Santosha Space. I shortly thereafter contacted Cat and she gave me the information of Adrienne Montoya, CMT. Adrienne is a gifted practitioner of bodywork (Reiki, massage, acupressure, etc). I asked her if she would be interested in providing Acupressure/Shiatsu and she was interested. Wendy Watson, C.Ht. NLP practitioner will be providing NLP or personality/blood type evaluations. Wendy is a free loving, self-proclaimed hippy. She is warm and enthusiastic, I was very excited when I was able to contact her and get her to participate.

I will be providing HypnoArt which was a very successful addition to the Lotus Light Arts’ “Mind, Body, Spirit Workshop” fundraiser back in December. I thought that this modality was a great addition to the event because we have three people doing bodywork (Adriana, Adrienne, and Cat), and two people doing mental work (Peter and Wendy), I thought that offering something to stimulate creativity and expression would be a nice balance.

The beauty of the event is that participants can pick and choose from modalities, or do them all. Quench their curiosity regarding various modalities. This event not only provides fundraising for a worthy effort but also can facilitate individuals with giving themselves permission to relax, because after all it is a good cause.

What are you hoping will be the outcome of The Global Healing Fundraiser?

I have several hopes for this event. First of all, my hope is to help VFC generate needed funding and create awareness. My second hope is to introduce the community to various healing modalities and practitioners. Holding the event at Santos Space is very exciting, because it is a new yoga and healing arts space in Atwater Village. I hope this event introduces people who otherwise would be unaware to this quaint/interesting space.

Also, I was just recently nominated to the Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce as a board member; I am now the director of mixers and events.  When I first stated I would create this event, I was not nominated nor voted in. But, I am hoping this event can be the start of beautiful relationships between business owners of Atwater Village and the residents. This is an alternative healing event; I am hoping to do the same with other businesses in Atwater Village. With each event creating a showcase for different businesses, as well as incorporating the businesses in the other areas beyond Glendale Boulevard.

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Sunday April 4th 2-4pm


March Donor Spotlights!

As March has come to a close and we are gearing up for April’s events we wanted to take time out to thank the individuals who made generous donations last month.

Today we send a special thank you to Lauren Maddox, Bethanee Wilgocki and Sherri Pender. Their support helps us stage our April events and workshop the Kid’s script for the Hollywood Fringe Festival.


More donor spotlights to come!

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