Kaldi 3147 Glendale Boulevard LA 90039We currently have an art showing at Kaldi Coffee & Tea in Atwater Village.

Pieces from around the world as well as local artist Diana Kohne are shown. We asked Diana more about her experience.

Self-portrait by Diana Kohne

How did you become involved in the project?

Cindy Marie Jenkins and I have been following one another on Twitter for many months.  She became interested in my art, and I became interested in Chernobyl.  I wanted to show my machine work for Voices From Chornobyl because Chornobyl is an example of the dark side of the subjects of my paintings.  

Why did you choose the LA River etchings? Are these typical of your work?

I chose the L.A. River etchings because the line quality and the grittiness of the etchings are more stark than my other work.  I consider my paintings of machines almost cheerful.  Overly colorful or cheerful machines seemed inappropriate in this situation.  

The L.A. River etchings are similar to my paintings because both are representations of machines.

Can you tell us a little about your artistic process? 

The etchings on display for Voices From Chornobyl are among a series of etchings of machines along the L.A. River.  I am wheatpasting similar prints along the river, leading to the powerlines that they represent.  These etchings aren’t meant to last.  The dissapear after a few rains.  The displayed etchings use a similar process, but are meant to last.  

To make a print, I scratch an image into plexiglass, rub ink into the grooves, and print using a palm press.  A palm press is a doorknob on furniture casters.  It takes all of my might to press the ink out of the grooves and onto the paper.  Keeping with the street art theme, the prints are wheatpasted to found board (the more beat up, the more beautiful).  Wheat paste is considered archival.  It’s used in bookmaking, and people in Victorian times used it to hang their wallpaper.

You sold one of your etchings the second day! Can you tell us why you decided to give a percentage as a donation to VFC?

It’s not often that an artist knows that commission on their work is going to a good cause.  

Diana Kohne was born in 1984 in California, and grew up in Texas. Diana is painting, etching, and pasting machines. Watch her LA River art video:

Please join us for a reception at Kaldi Coffee & Tea

on Tuesday, April 26th, at 6pm before the staged reading.