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April 26, 2011

Important Info on Tonight’s Reading

 Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!

Don’t forget the other events that begin at 3:30pm today

Brazilian Yoga & Pilates (uncovered patio inside building – dress for outdoors)

in ATX (Atwater Crossing)

3191 Casitas Avenue*

LA, CA 90039

(follow signs)

Entrance at Atwater Playhouse (up ramp, take a left & go down the hall)

You cannot reach Casitas directly from Fletcher Drive or Glendale Boulevard.


From Fletcher Drive: take left onto Laclede, right on Minneapolis, destination on your left.

From Glendale Boulevard: take right onto Laclede or Atwater Avenue, left on Minneapolis, destination on your left


Secured parking on site (p/2 sign)

Questions? Mention @VoicesChornobyl on Twitter or call 347-470-4357

Reading is FREE

This reading and talk-back will be interpreted into ASL

Blog for a Cause

Today is the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl. 25 years ago a horribly mismanaged disaster changed everything. Here are some people who are also talking about it and spreading awareness:

Being only 7 at the time I wasn’t able to comprehend the full extend of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. My memory of the event is hazy but I certainly remember hearing the word ‘Chernobyl’ and ‘radioactive’ for the first time

Arfon Jones’s Personal Account

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster that occurred on 26 April 1986, we invite you to visit Chernobyl Children International. They remind us not to forget what happened, and that we must not leave behind the children who continue to live with this terrible legacy.

Bono Street Team

Chernobyl Children International  has been blogging about this topic for a long time. Check out their site for more information and ways to help!

We are still accepting blog submissions this week. Please email us the text or link!

Ambientaria Music Compilation for Chernobyl

I downloaded this album as soon as it was ready, and find it quite haunting. The artists all donated their time to raise money for Chernobyl Charity International, another charity helping the people of the region. Please help them, too!

For information on our last two events in LA, click here.

–CMJ, Playwright

Chernobyl Charity Project – Official Press Release

04/02/2011 by Ambientaria Records

For a few hours already, the Chernobyl Charity compilation is out.

It is available for download from, and you can also reserve a copy of the double-CD album that shall be available in one or two weeks. Please click on this link for more info.

This project’s benefits shall be totally reversed to the NGO “Chernobyl Charity International”, in order to help the Children suffering from radioactivity-related diseases in the Belarus area. You may learn more about the whole venture on the Official project page.

If you are willing do something to help these Children, please click on the banner below :

Get your own copy of the Chernobyl Charity Compilation !

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