I downloaded this album as soon as it was ready, and find it quite haunting. The artists all donated their time to raise money for Chernobyl Charity International, another charity helping the people of the region. Please help them, too!

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–CMJ, Playwright

Chernobyl Charity Project – Official Press Release

04/02/2011 by Ambientaria Records

For a few hours already, the Chernobyl Charity compilation is out.

It is available for download from CDBaby.com, and you can also reserve a copy of the double-CD album that shall be available in one or two weeks. Please click on this link for more info.

This project’s benefits shall be totally reversed to the NGO “Chernobyl Charity International”, in order to help the Children suffering from radioactivity-related diseases in the Belarus area. You may learn more about the whole venture on the Official project page.

If you are willing do something to help these Children, please click on the banner below :

Get your own copy of the Chernobyl Charity Compilation !