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April 27, 2011

Blog for a Cause Wrap-Up

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary and today is our last awareness event. There’s a few more blogs for us to link to!

Rights Readers talks about our reading in Pasadena.

Illuminate LA talks about our project as well.

Corey Blake wishes you a “Happy Nuclear Disaster Day!”

Also, if you missed it, you can see the post about the UK presentation here 


Cal Tech Hosts Our last Anniversary Event Tonight



“It puts a human face to the nuclear disaster” – David Landsberger

“Thank you for what theatre should do. Entertain, educate, inform & go to that place we fear but must face” -Bari Hochwald of The Global Theatre Project

Wednesday, April 27th*

8pm | Staged Reading

CalTech | Baxter Hall | Pasadena

Baxter building #77. 3rd Floor.

Parking off Del Mar into the Michigan St.parking lot
Snacks and beverages to follow reading sponsored by E&AS (Engineering and Applied Science) and TACIT

(Theater Art)s at Caltech


by emailing


Mention @VoicesChornobyl with your reservation.

UK Charity’s 25th Anniversary Presentation of VFC

We’ll post pictures from last night’s reading soon, but meanwhile here is the poignant information on Chernobyl Children’s Life Line presentation of our play Voices From Chornobyl as part of their 25th Anniversary Vigil. (from their Flickr Page):


Voices From Chernobyl

April 26th 2011 will be the 25th Anniversary of the world’s worst nuclear reactor accident, at Chernobyl in northern Ukraine. The recent events in Japan have led to significant media attention on this anniversary and the work of UK charities such as Chernobyl Children’s Life Line (CCLL) who, since 1991, have been helping the 1000’s of children of Belarus and Ukraine who are living in contaminated regions of these countries, blighted by the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl.

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary events are being planned in the UK and all over Europe. Through the recently formed European Chernobyl Network, CCLL came up with the idea of holding simultaneous candle light memorials at venues throughout Europe on the eve of the disaster i.e. Monday 25th April, as the disaster happened at 1.23am on the 26th April. For the Derbyshire Dales, we will be holding an outdoor memorial event at Stoney Wood, off Middleton Road, in Wirksworth beginning at 8pm.

The commemoration evening will include a performance of the play, “Voices from Chornobyl” based on an award winning book written by Svetlana Alexievich by the same title. Images from the disaster and the immediate aftermath will be projected onto a large scene behind the actors. The main event will be the creation of a candle memorial consisting of a large diameter international radiation symbol and also a “25” formed by 25 people holding candles. Everyone there will have the opportunity to place a candle in the commemorative radiation symbol which will be about 4metres in diameter.

It’s been an fascinating journey for me, signed up initially as an actor – and then having to step forward and make my directorial debut, tackling a very difficult and emotional piece. We had our final rehearsal at our rehearsal room last night – it will be a powerful performance.

If you are anywhere nearby – please come. If not – please look out for local events. 25 years on, it is still a major issue for the people of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

With thanks to Nicholas Lativy for the use of his shot of the CNPP – unfortunately the promotion budget didn’t stretch to a visit to Ukraine.

The Cast
The Cast:
From left to right:
Anna: a villager – played by Hilary Jones
Vasily: a physicist – played by Lee Stephens
Lyudmilla: a fireman’s wife – played by Krystina Johnson
Grigory: a liquidator – played by Gordon Conway
Katya: a daughter and mother – played by Bryony Pollock
Sergei: a camerman – played by Mark Sobey

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