April has come to a close and we are plunging headfirst into promoting Voices From Chornobyl Jr at the Hollywood Fringe Festival but before we get completely wrapped up in all things Fringe we wanted to take time to thank all the supporters and donors who made our April events possible. We on the VFC team are all so touched by the outpouring of support; we feel honored to have such amazing donors and supporters.


Executive Producer:

Barbara Blankenship


Aaron Lyons


Alex Bruno

Hallie Faben


Cassandra Davis

Alicia Gibbs

Bari Hochwald
Mike Khachanov

Christopher Lutz

Lauren Maddox

Karen Jean Martinson

Robert Negron

Pamela Noles
Stephen Gabriel Pallo

Sherri Pender

Leonora & Scott Pitts

Steven Scott

Michael Seel

Marta Segura

Marc Stigler

Alyson Unger


Enrichment Works

Beans Boutique

heat beat house

Hypnotiq Solutions

Create Your Health


55 Degree Wine

Santosha Space

Virginia Applen, Magnetic Healer

Adrienne Montoya, Shiatsu / Acupressure Massage


The VFC Team

If you are still thinking about donating please visit our ChipIn site to make a donation that will go to our VFC Jr script to be presented at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.