Although we have registered for the Hollywood Fringe Festival, there are still a lot of things that go into producing a play. Things like rent, advertising, and a huge team of actors, directors, producers, etc. In order to accomplish our goals of producing an interactive children’s play, we need your help.

Our events in April were fantastic, but they didn’t cost us as much money as it did time and preparation. Venus and sponsors were opening their doors and products to us, but that isn’t quite the reality we are facing here.  We chose to participate in the Fringe Family program in order to help provide interactive and educational programming options to families and kids!

We are looking to raise $2500 in order to make this production happen. That’s 100 people chipping in $25 each. Every donation helps us create the support required to put on a show in Los Angeles.

All donations through Chip In are tax deductible through our fabulous nonprofit umbrella Enrichment Works. Donating is also a great alternative if you can’t make a show. Remember: buying tickets are also a great way to support us  and to help spread the word.