VFC, Jr. is talking to some of the other Hollywood Fringe participants in our new series, Fringe Family Friday Interviews. Our first interview is with Pam Noles, who is presenting her show at the Fringe, ! Death 40-Feet Tall !

You presented this show last year did anything change? Why Fringe Family?

! Death 40-Feet Tall ! is my first show ever. The difference between its debut at the 2010 Hollywood Fringe and the version presented at the 2011 Fringe is one of scalpel-level text tweaking. It’s still a deeply personal story of one geek girl’s relationship with her best friend, framed around giant robots. My hope is that the slightly revised text, combined with performance guidance from Konstantine Anthony, makes the show even stronger.

Because my amazing and brilliant teacher Molly Prather sent me out into this storytelling/performance world with the tools needed to get the job done, as well as the confidence to believe I Can, I’m feeling pretty good about the new version of the show.

I signed on with Fringe Family because that new HFF program is a natural fit! Waaaay back when I began writing D40FT I did so with a family audience in mind. There was cursing in the very early drafts, but I quickly stripped it all out because it was unnecessary for the story I wanted to tell. I also remembered something writer Harlan Ellison said to a writing workshop I attended back in the day, explaining why he tends to talk like a sailor, but writes like a gent. When it came down to it, I viewed writing D40FT as family friendly a welcome challenge to meet.

What has been the most exciting or fun thing about working on this particular project?

Discovering the vast diversity of fellow Transformers fans, along with listening to other people share stories about their best friends. Didn’t see that coming! It’s been cool. I also had quite a few actual youth in my audiences last year, and remain chuffed at how much they enjoyed themselves.

What do you hope families will take away from your show when they see it during the Hollywood Fringe?

I’d like the youth to leave with a sense that they can stand up, roll out, and be their own person – despite the varied pressures they will experience urging otherwise. I’d like the adults to leave with a memory of their beloved best friends in mind, along with the realization of their responsibility to support the youth in their lives struggling to Become what they will one day Be. And, of course, I’d like any member of my audience to leave happily entertained after listening to me talk for about an hour.

If my show can also contribute in some small way to the eternal battle over the worth of Michael Bay films, that’s just a bonus!

Any suggestions on what else to see at the Fringe?

There are *tons* of fab offerings at HFF11! Please go to HollywoodFringe.org, click around, and pick something to your liking to come see! Even better, be bold and pick an additional show that sounds “different” to your default tastes and go see that one, too! Come out and support independent artists. We’re cheaper than a movie ticket, and our work was not created via focus groups!

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For more information about Pam Noles, please visit her website and follow her on Twitter: @BGFCentral