Helping create and discover what this family from Chornobyl wears is another real first for the project. We cobbled together a good look for a 2006 workshop of the now-“adult” script, had a

Shawn McAulay & Sarah Brown in original 2006 workshop

wonderful Costume Designer for the 2007 Demo, Christy Hauptmann, and she really took the vision by the horns. Since then, we’ve only presented readings, so truly looking into costumes is a welcome treat!

Thinking about costumes for our Fringe Family show brought me back to a lot of interesting research, and opened my eyes to a whole new group of blogs and stories about people in Ukraine.

This is the best one I found, mostly because it so beautifully shows both the vast changes through each generation but also confirms that styles are essentially ten years behind ours and a little more colorful than we are used to seeing. I am by no means an expert on fashion, and am open to other interpretations. Do you agree or see something more?

3 generations of women in a Ukrainian village.

Other pictures I found useful were: