Brett Colbeth & Kappa Victoria Wood in rehearsal

Here is an excerpt of our piece, by request from parents thinking about seeing the show! Remember that our preview tomorrow is Pay Way You Want for Families, and we run June 18, 19, 25 & 26 at 1pm. Thanks!


I’d heard stories, every family has the one distant cousin or favorite uncle who spoke out against the government, and I’d heard of them disappearing, or going to jail, or worse. I guess you understand more about the world the older you get, because it wasn’t much longer after that when I learned more about living near a power plant.

(coming home from school)

At the foot of the hill puffs a tractor

At the top of the hill a reactor

With Chornobyl we are strong

Our motherland can do no wrong.


Who taught you that song, Katya?


My teacher. She said that Chornobyl creates power for us to use in our homes. See?

(Runs to the light switch and turns it on and off)

We have electricity in our house because the Chornobyl power plant makes it for us.


What else did your teacher tell you?


That our motherland will become a strong force in the world because of all the power that Chornobyl creates, and we are very lucky to live so close to it.


Did your teacher say anything about safety tests?




Let me tell you more, Katya. Your teacher told you all the good things, but it wasn’t necessarily the whole story. What I want to tell you isn’t really bad, but it is a reason why we should be careful. I need to ask you not to tell anyone else about it, though. We can talk about these things to each other, with you, me and Mom, but not to anyone else, okay?

What’s next? Find out by seeing the show!