June 2011

San Diego

InnerMission Productions

Our San Diego Premiere! 

hosted the San Diego Premiere

As part of the 25th Anniversary Readings. Written by Cindy Marie Jenkins. Ensemble includes Bradford Beacom, Carolyn Blais, Aaron Lyons, Shawn MacAulay & Kappa Victoria Wood, with special guest Kathi Copeland from InnerMission.


March ~ April 2011

Kickoff & Global Healing Benefit

Kickoff Benefit at 55 degree wine

April 2011

Art from Chornobyl 

Artists include Diana Kohne, Mark Resnicof, Michael Forster Rothblatt. Poetry by Peter Lach-Newinsky

Kaldi Coffe & Tea in Atwater Village
Art Reception for 25th Anniversary at Kaldi

Interactive Kids’ Show, VFC Jr.

25th Anniversary Reading

workshop at Atwater Village Branch of LAPL
Talkback at 25th Anniversary Reading

Reading & Talkback Hosted by TACIT (Theater Arts at Cal Tech)

Snacks and beverages sponsored by E&AS (Engineering and Applied Science) and TACIT (Theater Arts at Caltech)

Aaron Lyons & audience at TACIT Talkback


Enci in TACIT Reading at Baxter Hall