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Yoga & Music for Chornobyl!

Yesterday the yoga and dance studio Heartbeat House donated a class for us! There was great live music and fourteen people generously gave to our efforts. Many thanks to Kumbi Butler and all who stayed a few minutes after class to hear about Voices From Chornobyl Jr. and took our materials. Hope we’ll see you at the show in June!

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Fringe Family and Voices from Chornobyl, Jr.

If you haven’t already checked out the page about the Hollywood Fringe Festival on the top of the page, you should. We are presenting Voices from Chornobyl, Jr as part of their Fringe Family program this year. Essentially, we have developed an interactive children’s piece to help spread awareness and education. The play was presented last month at the Atwater Village Public Library to great success, and both teachers and librarians gave us some wonderful feedback.

Katya was 9 when the accident at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant changed her life. An interactive and educational story of a young girl struggling with her world, brought to you by the Awareness Team of Voices From Chornobyl.

Tickets are already on sale, and we are currently fundraising in order to make this piece happen to the best of its potential. We are slated to have four shows, with one preview the Saturday before the festival opens. More information is available on the ticketing page, includes dates and time (June 11, 18, 19, 25,26 at 1:00pm).

We will have an announcement later this week regarding the full cast and crew for the fringe production as well as more information about our preview at Silver Lake Jubilee!

Ambientaria Music Compilation for Chernobyl

I downloaded this album as soon as it was ready, and find it quite haunting. The artists all donated their time to raise money for Chernobyl Charity International, another charity helping the people of the region. Please help them, too!

For information on our last two events in LA, click here.

–CMJ, Playwright

Chernobyl Charity Project – Official Press Release

04/02/2011 by Ambientaria Records

For a few hours already, the Chernobyl Charity compilation is out.

It is available for download from, and you can also reserve a copy of the double-CD album that shall be available in one or two weeks. Please click on this link for more info.

This project’s benefits shall be totally reversed to the NGO “Chernobyl Charity International”, in order to help the Children suffering from radioactivity-related diseases in the Belarus area. You may learn more about the whole venture on the Official project page.

If you are willing do something to help these Children, please click on the banner below :

Get your own copy of the Chernobyl Charity Compilation !

How to Help

help us reach more people

Many thanks to our wonderful Donors and Supporters.

Thanks to you, we registered for the Hollywood Fringe Festival in time to be included in the brochure!


With two fund-raisers under our belt, we are still accepting donations for some key elements to our production, including making every event accessible to everyone with ASL Interpreters, outreach to under-served groups, and targeted advertising to increase our audience base. Please help! Every single dollar counts.

Our non-profit umbrella Enrichment Works is taking check and online donations for us at this time.

Or Mail checks payable to “Enrichment Works” with “VFC” in the memo:

Voices From Chornobyl

c/0 Cindy Marie Jenkins

3372 Glendale Blvd. Unit 421, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Buy a VFC-inspired bookmark and support

Buy a Beans Boutique custom bookmark and $5 goes to us.

In-kind donations of products and volunteers to make these events successful. Please see the list below for more information of what we need and how you can help us spread awareness:


  • paper (new and scrap)
  • hosts for fund-raising dinners/events
  • printing services
  • food donations for events
  • rehearsal and meeting space
  • 501c3 umbrella (DONATED!)
  • educational materials
  • documentary filmmakers
  • marketing assistance
  • storage space
  • performance space/galleries in April
  • yarn (any color/kinds)


please email me for the budget amounts in each category. You can choose monetary pledges for a specific budget item or for the general fund. Now accepting pledges until the infrastructure to accept donations is complete.

  • production team
  • ASL interpreter
  • marketing team
  • website
  • rehearsal space
  • costume designer
  • visual art component
  • documentary filmmaker
  • documentary crew
  • video study guides filmmaker
  • documentary editor
  • video study guides editor
  • documentary/film materials
  • swag

Global Healing Benefit Today

Join us today!

Some tickets still available at the door for $25

Sunday, April 3rd

Santosha Space and Hypnotiq Solutions have joined forces in hosting the Global Healing Event, to bring relaxation and calm to a chaotic world by facilitating and providing practitioners of various modalities to offer a momentary reprieve into the realm of calm, and help raise awareness as well as  funds to improve the lives of those still affected by this nuclear disaster.


2pm to 4pm | Global Health Fundraiser

Relax with a 15-20 Minute Session of an Alternative Modality

While Donating to a Worthy Fundraising Effort


Santosha Space 3405 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA


All practitioners are donating their time, services usually range $125 and up an hour. All proceeds go to Voices From Chornobyl. Sessions range from 10-15 minutes. Based on a first come first serve basis.

The Art of Living Worry Free


HypnoArt by Thea Pueschel, C.Ht., Kinesthetic Visualist

Tap into your inner creativity without judgement. Art supplies provided.


Massage by Cat Macary, LMT

Experience the relaxation of a traditional massage


Reiki by Adriana Franco, C.Ht.  Reiki Practitioner

Let go to a deeper state of calm with full body energy healing


Magnetic Healing with Virginia Applen

Improve your balance and circulation through magnetic therapy.



Hypnosis with Peter Bedard, M.A. C.Ht.

Restore calmness and relaxation through hypnosis.


Shiatsu/Acupressure Massage by Adrienne Montoya, CMT

Release blocked or congested energy centers in your body thru massage.



Santosha Space offers 2 weeks of unlimited classes for $30 for first time students as well as 10% off merchandise and healing arts for Atwater Village Residents.

Perhaps you feel like taking a yoga class before the event or after

Hatha Yoga and Meditation with Kierin 12:30-2:00pm | Vinyasa Flow with Karen 4:00-5:30

Supporter Spotlight: Catherine Macary, Santosha Space

This next supporter has really gone above and beyond by donating their space for this weekend’s fundraiser. Catherine Macary at Santosha Space graciously offered her studio to this event and we literally could not be doing this without her.

We spoke with Cat below about what motivated her to get involved:

We at Santosha Space are supportive of events and workshops that help people in need of healing and abundance. We support the fundraiser Voice from Chernobyl to remind the community that the World still must heal and to remind everyone that we must remain conscious of our planet which in turn means to remain vigilante to the constant nuclear threat that affects humankind. We want to be a sanctuary for healing, wellness and peace. This is why we hare thrilled to offer our space for the Voices for Chernobyl fundraiser.


To reserve a ticket for Sunday’s Global Healing Benefit, click here.

Supporter Spotlight: Virginia Applen – Magnetic Healer

Next up is Virginia Applen who has generously donated services to our upcoming fundraiser. Check out our conversation with her below to hear what she will be providing and why she is getting involved!

Because we ask everyone – what did you know about Chernobyl before becoming involved in this project?

I remember the horror and sadness that befell the world when the nuclear accident happened.  I was a young woman and all the warnings about the dangers of nuclear power could not prepare us for the devastation that besieged the Ukrainian people.  And now Japan.

We at Voices From Chornobyl are so grateful to everyone who is participating on April 3rd; share with us what you will be providing during the fundraiser

I work with natural earth energies to promote the healing of both the physical and emotional body.  These energies include electro-magnetic, far infrared and ionic energies.

Can you tell us a little bit about why you chose to donate services to this project?

I am thrilled to be a part of this project because I want to show that the powerful energies available to us here on earth should be used to heal and not kill.

Man has been using magnetic energy to heal for over 3500 years.  Many indigenous and ancient civilizations, including the Hebrews, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Egyptians, and Greeks used magnets for healing.  Legend has it that Cleopatra slept on the magnetic Lodestone to keep her young, strong, healthy and beautiful.

Today physicists, String Theorists, and Quantum Mechanic adherents alike, all agree that the basic substance of our Universe is comprised of electro-magnetic energies.  One of the main components of all cells are ions.  Ions are positively and negatively charged particles that conduct electro-magnetic pulses from within the cell.  The electro-magnetic pulses allow the cell to function.  Without ions a cell cannot live.  The magnetic currents of a healthy body, when super-energized with a healer’s magnet, can be used to promote healing.


Interested in attending the event? Purchase tickets here!

Supporter Spotlight: Create Your Health

Our April 3rd fundraiser is fast approaching and as we gear up we would like to take the time to call out and thank all the amazing organizations and businesses donating their time and services during the event to help raise awareness.

First up is Peter Bedard with Create Your Health – expect more in the days leading up to the event!


What did you know about Chernobyl before becoming involved in this project?

I certainly haven’t been an expert on Chernobyl. In fact other than being aware that it was, at the time, the largest nuclear disaster in the world, larger than the Three Mile Island disaster in New York, my knowledge is pretty limited. I do know that an entire city had to be closed down and all of it’s inhabitants moved due to a nuclear accident at the plant, that the plant was shut down, that radiation levels there some 20 years latter are still problematic, that birth defects in that part of the world are too common, and that it never should have happened.



Can you tell us a little bit about why you chose to donate services to this project?

I chose to donate my time and services for a few reasons. First because the fantastic Thea Pueschel asked me to. Second because I’ve never been a supporter of nuclear energy. And third, because I think it’s important to let people know that nuclear energy is never safe. Advertising agencies and politicians have been telling us for several years now that nuclear energy is safe and efficient that it’s a “clean” energy. This is a flat out lie and it needs to be addressed. In fact, nuclear energy may be the dirtiest energy we have ever harnessed. The bi-product of coal is carbon dioxide and coal ash. The bi-product of nuclear energy is radioactive material that at it’s core is deadly to all life forms on this planet and that poisons our environment for thousands of years to come. for some reason people seem to understand that coal is bad for us but they don’t seem to understand that nuclear energy is a million times worse. As a advocate for alternative therapies it is totally congruent that I support not only true green energy solutions but that I also speak out against harmful and polluting behaviors – personal or political.

Updated: Silent Auction, Raffle Items and Donor Gifts!

Update Deaf West Theatre donated 2 tickets to their hit show The Adventures of Pinocchio
February 18 – March 27.

GO!…fine ensemble gifted in the art of physical comedy..with standout performances – LA Weekly

“Clever, tongue-in-cheek mood…sure to delight in its multitude of wonders.” – Stage Scene LA

Please join us at 55 degree wine tonight!

Still on the fence about coming to the Kick-Off tomorrow? Check out our silent auction, raffle and donor gifts. They just might be the extra incentive you need!

Beans Boutique has donated 10 custom metal bookmarks to be given as donor gifts to the first 10 people who donate at the event. Donate early to ensure you are among the lucky few!  In addition there are still 7 remaining bookmarks for sale at Beans Boutique’s online store – $5 of which will go directly to us!

Heartbeat House, a non-competitive dance/workout/fitness studio located in Atwater Village, has donated a 4 class-pass ($52 value) that will be part of our silent auction. Do something good for your body, while doing something good for the people of Chernobyl.

As highlighted in the previous post Hypnotiq Solutions has donated two packages (see previous post for complete package details) for tomorrow’s fundraiser. The first, a 1 hour Private Kinesthetic Visualist HypnoArt Painting Session ($175 value) will be a part of our silent auction. In addition, the 3 hour Hypnosis Session Package ($450 value), will be raffled at the end of the evening to those who donate during the event. A $25 donation gets you a ticket and a $50 will get you three!

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