Kids’ Corner | VFC jr.

Voices From Chornobyl Jr.

“More kids would go to college if school was taught like this.”

-11 year-old audience member

“Utilizing simple metaphors, song, and language that is always clear and never condescending, complex issues such as radiation poisoning and nuclear power are defined, replacing fear with knowledge and imparting a message that is as reaffirming as it is timely.”

-Kat Primeau, Actress & Producer

“Great structure, well-acted and good use of the audience to start it all off. My only complaint is I wanted more but that came in the form of a great Q&A afterwards as well.”

-Jeff Gardner, Actor & Sound Designer

Cindy Marie Jenkins’ deft writing bridges the gap between an educational presentation and an interactive children’s show that is as funny as it is serious…. I highly recommend this show for parents and children alike. It is equal parts entertaining and important.

Adam Emperor Southard, Writer & Parent

“Jenkins keeps the horror of the meltdown to a minimum, allowing the subdued fear and forced calm of Katya’s parents and slight allusions to post meltdown physical debilities to provide a great jumping off point for discussions post show.” -Thomas Hampton Reviews

Buy tickets! Seating is limited so please reserve soon.

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