Host a Fund-raising Party


Fund-raising Party

Voices From Chornobyl original painting by Tisha Terrasini

Voices From Chornobyl original painting by Tisha Terrasini

Raise awareness of the 25th anniversary around the world. Raise some money and help the children of Chernobyl. Raise your voice in honor of the people who have none.

In April 2011, we will present events around Los Angeles for awareness and funds for The Chernobyl Children’s Project International, based in Washington DC.

Thank you for identifying yourself and opening your home to our awareness efforts. As you can imagine, it’s tricky asking for donations for events that will raise money for charity. The emphasis with our 25th anniversary events is truly in the awareness-building. Twenty-five years later, and as one of our voices says, ‘for thousands of years,’ the people and children of Chernobyl need our help. Health effects are still being discovered and studied, and children of Belarussians not even born in 1986 have health defects, sometimes remaining isolated in barely serviceable hospitals and nurseries.

Thank you for taking the first step towards our efforts. Enclosed is an outline of the general schedule for fund-raising parties, all subject to your discretion and sensibilities. There are also some questions that will help us determine your exact role in the planning and hosting. At this time, no donations are tax-deductible, but your name will be prominently listed in the following areas, with your consent:

  • Supporters page on our website , Facebook page and blog
  • Sign and programs for all events
  • Publicity materials when applicable

Some of goals of our fund-raising include the following:

  • more expansive marketing to draw a larger audience and thus more awareness
  • paying collaborators to enable them to focus on the events, some of whom have volunteered for six years to this project
  • ASL interpreters and teachers, allowing an ASL translation to be produced, attaining our goal of reaching out to as many varied communities as possible
  • materials to expand the events into visual art and photography
  • airtime for well-produced and distributed radio and TV ads
  • translators to expand our audience base
  • website designer and developers to increase the effectiveness of our outreach
  • materials and artist payments for educational materials and performances

Thank you again for your committed to spreading the stories of survivors and those still suffering the effects of a man-made accident twenty-five years ago.


April Awareness Team
Cindy Marie Jenkins, Project Director                Rachel Stoll, Producer

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Fund-raising Party

Schedule Template

0-20 minutes        Arrivals and Introductions
-playing VFCh music
-displays on history, project, effects, etc.
20-25 minutes    Host welcome and Introduces Cindy
25-45 minutes    Cindy introduces the project, history, mission, goals
45-75 minutes    Watch demo and selected clips, discussion
75-90 minutes    Rachel or Jane discuss charities
90-120 minutes    Cindy: soft ‘Ask’ and time for questions
120-150 minutes    Gathering continues

Questions for Host

The Host provides all food and drink. Would you like to host a :
◯ coffee   ◯ dinner   ◯ hor’doeves      ◯ happy hour   ◯ drinks and dessert ◯ other_________

Would you request someone to help with set-up/serving of food/drink? ◯ Yes ◯ No ◯ Maybe

Would you like to simply ◯ host the location, or ◯ contribute to/control the guest list?

Do you prefer ◯ viewing short videos on DVD or ◯ live reading of a selection of the play?

Do you have any adjustments to make to the schedule template above? Please list here:

Do you have any further questions or adjustments? Please list here:

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